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Dataview Imaging began in 1989 as a service company for Nuclear Cameras and Teleradiology Development. Owner and chief technology officer Richard Bigelow along with his partners had a vision to provide hospitals and imaging centers with the very best technology at a low cost. Although Nuclear was the initial business focus, the company quickly became a leader in teleradiology with a FDA 510K approval of the Series Transport System. Software development and network design allowed Dataview to be a clear leader for digital imaging in medicine when Healthdyne purchased them in 1994. Dataview exceeded the market demands and made several acquisitions, growing the company and service to over 500 customers nationwide.

Today Dataview has developed solutions for customers around the world including a system for the Saudi government used on the HMED Saudi Hospital Boeing 767. Additionally, Dataview has built a web platform that meets the everyday needs of Radiologists for night call. Please allow Dataview to be the first to show you how we can help you manage and grow your imaging business.


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