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EdgePACS WebServer

EdgePACS is a state of the art PACS system for hospitals and imaging centers. The system is a low cost solution that includes recent imaging technologies and dicom reporting.

Diagnostic Pro Advantage Film Digitizer

The Diagnostic Pro Advantage Film Digitizer is the standard for digitizing X-Ray films for Mammography and General Radiography. The unit converts your film library to a digital dicom format and is FDA cleared for resolution and quality. The film feeder will allow for multiple patient films and sizes to be digitized at once.

EdgePACS Server

The EdgePACS Server is one of the best low cost PACS solutions for a Small Hospital and Imaging Centers. The software has the ability to do modality worklist, dicom receive, dicom send, and CD Burning. The software works with SQL Server with an unlimited patient image archive.

PACSPlus Enterprise

The PACSPlus Enterprise has multiple acquisition and viewing software packages for PACS. The software packages offered include a Full PACS, WebPACS, PPPFocus, Mammography, and Video Dicom conversion. The enterprise solutions available are low cost and flexible for the customers needs.

PACSPlus Dicom Viewer

The PACSPlus Dicom Viewer is a local viewer PACS system. The software can be installed on a single computer and will receive, send and archive medical images from all dicom standard modalities. The software includes a single and multi-monitor feature for Radiology WorkStations.

Radion PACS Viewer

The Radion PACS Viewer is a single workstation viewer capable of receiving, sending and archiving medical images from all standard dicom modalities. The software can be configured to work with modality worklist and CD burning.

Examvue DR Panel 14 x 17”

The Examvue Tethered DR Panel is a state of the art imaging panel that allows hospitals clinics and doctor offices the ability to upgrade their current X-Ray room to digital. The images are acquired immediately and sent to the system computer through a wireless or tethered connection. The image quality is excellent and comes with a 5 year warranty and 5 year drop insurance.

Portable Dental Camera:

The Zen-PX2 is a small and portable camera that works with multiple dental sensors to create a digital image of teeth that are included in the treatment plan. The images can be uploaded to an archive for treatment history and planning. The complete system is FDA cleared and has very low radiation during use.

Wireless Ultrasound

The Sonostar Wireless Ultrasound is a state of the art FDA cleared system. The probes available come in different element and power options with clinical probes. The probes connect via Wifi and record video for all general ultrasound imaging. The software platform includes Apple and Android phones / tablets.

PACSPlus Mammo QC and Viewer.

The PACSPlus Mammo QC and Viewer is a unique and highly designed system that allows the user to reduce the size of the Diagnostic Mammography by trimming the non-essential black area around the image calculating the display and laterality requirements automatically.

Examvue CR

The Examvue CR is a low cost solution to make your Radiology Department digital. All X-Ray exposures are taken on a phosphor plate and cassette for processing. The Cassettes are introduced into the Examvue CR unit and a digital image is created in the processing computer for PACS. Cassettes are compatible with table and wall bucky use.

PACSPartner Diagnostic Viewer

The PACSPartner Diagnostic Viewer provides State of the Art Technology without the price. The viewer is designed as an independent Work Station software that can be used with an existing PACS or as a complete solution for dicom storage and communications.

Diagnostic Clinical Monitors

PACS and Remote Teleradiology services have increased the need for Diagnostic Monitors. Dataview provides Greyscale and Color monitors for use in Radiography and Mammography interpretation. Monitors include a longlife backlight and a generous 3 year warranty. Workstations can be custom built to the customers specifications or shipped for integration to your existing PACS.

Vidar Diagnostic Pro Plus

The Diagnostic Pro Plus is considered one of the best film digitizers for the medical market.The unit provides high resolutuion images for General Radiography and Mammography. New and refurbished units are available for integration to your PACS or Digitizing interface. All units come with device and twain drivers, scsi card, scsi cable and power cord.

Carestream Point of Care CR

Carestream Point of Care CR provides state of the art image processing. The POC 140 and 360 allow the technician to develop 40 or 60 plates per hour. Easy to use interface allows the user to process archive and send dicom images to your PACS or image viewer.

PPRWeb Radiology Information System

PPRWeb is a web based RIS system that provides high end scheduling, exam processing, reporting, and marketing tools. The system supports HL7, modality worklist, and billing interfacing.

Phoenix Dicom Converter

Phoenix Digitizing Software provides high end film digitizing and paper to dicom conversion. Phoenix can be used with any existing PACS or teleradiology software for remote storage and interpretation. Modality worklist and CD burning are built into the interface. General and Mammography versions are available.

Zen Pro 2090 Surgical C-Arm

Masterpiece of Digital C-Arm Feel pride and elegance by ZEN C-arm series Absolute competitiveness in quality, cost and low-maintenance. Image matrix 1K x 1K high resolution CCD camera Spatial Image Processing Module (IPM) Diagnosis radiation monitor only for medical use(19” B/W Dual Monitor)

Zen Pro 7000 Surgical C-Arm

As a standard C-Arm with 9” image intensifier, it has been spread over the world. It is very easy to operate with parallel movement and both side control panel. Doctors can get the most optimized picture by use of ZEN 7000. 1K x 1K high resolution CCD camera 9” Image Intensify 70,000 image capacity with ZENIS system


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